Fasting – a necessary evil of survival not an intentional or necessary way of life.

Coach Jack discusses the idea that we are meant to fast.

We are not meant to fast. We are capable of fasting to save our lives in the event we cannot find food but at no time in history has an animal or humanoid purposely fasted. I am not talking about religious fasting as this is a fairly new idea in comparison to our millions of years of evolution.

I was listening to a podcast today and they were discussing fasting and it was stated that our ancestors would regularly go for 2-3 days without eating. While this may of happened on occasion, it was very unlikely that it happened much at all. If we look at the current hunter gather tribes, they have no trouble finding food daily. They have good hunting techniques and are effective foragers. Our ancestors were as well. Probably better. Also we have to remember that the animal population would have been far more dense for our ancestors than it is now. Even in the harsh climates of the north, the inuits do not go days without eating. It is actually easier to have a constant food supply in the winter as you could simply bury your food and have it preserved for later. Your world is a fridge.

The fact is that no animal or human would ever go days without eating given the choice before the invention of religion or modern day dieting invention. They would eat whenever they hunted and caught food. It would have been much easier then as well so they would have eaten often. Look at the native americans. They would hunt buffalo and run them off cliffs. Dozens at a time. This was how easy it was to get food. There was no shortage. No need to fast. We were built with the capability to do it for life saving purposes but it was never something that was intended to be a way of life.

It was also discussed that people didn’t eat meals. Well that is easily dismissed with a tiny bit of common sense. People wake up in the morning and unless they have been purposely skipping breakfast they wake up hungry with a natural sense that they should eat. Our ancestors would have been especially hungry since they typically didn’t eat after dark and would have had a long period of no food from dusk to dawn. They would wake and immediately go hunt. What do you imagine they would do with the food they gathered or caught? Of course, common sense dictates that they would bring it back and share with the tribe. Breakfast. How long is after breakfast do we typically get hungry? 4-5 hours? Well our ancestors wouldn’t actually wait for that, they would have been gathering and hunting most of the day at that time. There was little else to do and food gathering would have been the primary daily concern. By the time they were hungry again they would have likely already returned with more food. While they may not have eaten 3 meals, they definitely ate meals and it definitely would have been as a group. Meals were likely celebrated. Also a good thing to keep in mind is that getting too many calories or too little was not an issue like it is today. People spent their time being active and eating the right things. If we lived like this without all the processed and sugary foods we have today it would matter much less how much we eat or when we eat.

The point to be made in all of this is that fasting is not a weight loss solution or a healing methodology. It is a safety net to protect from death from starvation. It may have a healing effect on some people today but it is not because it has magical properties or because we are meant to do it. It is simply because we spend some time not eating garbage and giving our bodies a break from the constant hormonal games of dieting. Many experts believe now that the positive effects of fasting come from the protein restriction and not the complete absence of food all together. This makes sense when you consider that protein is well know to stimulate mTOR and a reduction of mTOR stimulation is pretty well documented in reduced aging and reduction in cancer risk. We can heal ourselves by eating real food in adequate amounts.

Fasting like anything else has to be maintained. If you want to use it for weight loss you will soon find you have to keep doing it and you have to keep upping the antee. As soon as you stop fasting any weight loss you experienced will creep back. I’ve seen this first hand with my extensive fasting tests I’ve done with myself and my clients. Once you start it you will see that soon enough a 24 hour fast doesn’t work as well as it once did so you need to do 36 hours. Then that isn’t working as well so you move to 72 hours. Before you know it you are fasting for a week a month or more. Soon enough even that has no effect. I just heard a very prominent keto duo talking about this. One of the two was fasting religiously for long periods with no weight loss. Look at Jimmy Moore. He fasts for 14 days at a time yet has been putting weight back on. Interesting is it not? If you think you can maintain a fasting protocol for the rest of your life then perhaps it may be feasible but like any other gimmick, it comes to an end with its effectiveness. The body is way to smart for these tricks. I for one cannot imagine doing that for the rest of my life.

There is some benefit to a 24 hour fast but beyond that, it is tiresome, unpleasant and has potential for negative side effects from stress response. No matter what anyone says fasting is a stressor. We don’t get more clear headed and feel stronger and more focused when fasting for any other reason than cortisol and epinephrin release. Stress hormones to help us be a bit faster and more focused for hunting. It is not us getting better because we are not eating. Speed also has this effect. I don’t see any gurus recommending this approach. Not always the best scenerio. It is an evolutionary response to keep us from starving to death. Not a fun and effective tool for weight loss.

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The tragedy of Dementia and how The Healthcare system is progressing it

So I wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper not long ago about how the healthcare system is failing our society and making those devastated by Dementia and Alzheimer’s even worse.

Here is that letter:

Dementia Tsunami

I got a call from my mother yesterday that brought this all back. My Uncle is now in palliative care. He is 74 years old and has been suffering from dementia for about 5 years. He will pass any time now.

My grandfather passed at 98 years old from dementia. He was had no cognitive issues until after his wife passed and this was when he was 94. Before this time he was eating his normal diet heavy in meats and fats. My grandfather was famous for taking all the fat off everyone’s meat and eating it. He loved fat. He loved bacon and loved eggs. He was always lean and never had any health issues. Shortly before my grandmother died, they were having meals brought in. This continued after she passed. He got progressively worse after she passed. I am sure her passing had something to do with it but he still remained on his own until he was 96. At 96 he went into a home. The food there was shameful. Every meal was juice, grains, and sugar. Very little fat and protein.

By 98 he was in palliative care and wasted away to nothing. The level of degradation from the time he entered the home until he passed was astonishing. Now my uncle is in the same situation.

My uncle did not follow the same diet as my grandfather. His wife loved to bake and they ate lots of high carb meals and deserts. Bread was the focus at every meal. He started to develop signs of the disease before he was 70. I offered help to them but they refused. The doctor said diet would have no effect and he should take his meds and face what is to come. He had to be placed in a home 6 months ago as he was out of control. He would yell at people that were not there and become very violent. From 6 months to today he has degraded as far as my grandfather had in 2 years. Again, every meal is grains and sugar with little meat and fat.

Dementia is a disease of insulin resistance of the brain. This is why it is being called Diabetes type 3. The science is out there. It is clear that this is the issue.

Dementia, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and insulin resistance in the brain: progress, dilemmas, new opportunities, and a hypothesis to tackle intersecting epidemics.

Why if the science is out there do we keep force feeding people the foods that make them get worse. Absolute insanity. It feels like these heath care facilities are killing our family members when it is their job to care for them. I know it comes from a place of ignorance rather than malice but it is still hard to swallow. When will the health care world pull their head out of their asses and start using science and common sense to care for people.

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Why Weight loss Surgery is just another form of CICO and won’t work

#Keto_Coach_Jack talks weight loss surgeries and why they don’t work.

Hint: It is CICO to the extreme

CICO = Calories in/Calories out

I love watching this show called Marketplace. I stumbled on this one. It is about the lap band weight loss surgery.

If you listen to the people interviewed you hear some common trends.

1. They lost weight but gained it all back
2. They were still able to eat as much as before just in smaller increments.

These surgeries are supposed to work in one way regardless of the type.

You eat less so you lose weight.

We know this doesn’t work and every single long term calorie restriction study clearly shows this. If you eat less you slow your metabolism, go into starvation mode and end up gaining the weight back. The NIH study of the Biggest Loser contestants showed that eating less and moving more results in slowed metabolism and weight regain regardless of how little you eat and how much you work out. This shows that even if you physically can’t eat you either don’t lose weight or you lose then stall and gain it all back.

No matter how many “Experts” tell you it is all about you eating too much and that you are weak, it will never change the fact that weight is a hormonal issue and not a calories issue.

Biggest Loser contestants regain weight even though they continue CICO methodology

Marketplace – Is weight loss surgery worth it?

Keto ON!

Coach Jack

If you want to get your Ketogenic Diet back to a place of Common Sense and learn how to heal your metabolism you can get personalized coaching from Coach Jack.

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