You are not “Stuffed” after eating 1,500 calories

I have been watching a show where they take a super skinny person and an obese person and make them eat each others food.

The skinny people all have eating disorders where they barely eat.

This particular episode the skinny man would have 7-9 cups of tea with 5 sugar in each for most of his meals.

The obese persons meal for this test was 2lbs of lasagna.

They switched meals and the skinny fellow ate about 6 bites of the lasagna and was adamant that he was “stuffed” and could not possibly eat another bite or he would explode.

He ate maybe 1/8th of the 2 lbs of lasagna. So 0.25 lbs of food.

The volume of his 8 cups of tea would be 1600 ml. This is a huge amount of volume in the stomach and liquid is a hard volume. It does not break down further and does not compress. 1600 ml of tea is 3.5 lbs of liquid in the stomach.

This is what I mean when I say you are not “stuffed” by eating to TDEE and you are certainly not stuffed by eating 1200 cals a day. This is not physically possible. It is mental.

This man would easily put 3.5lbs of liquid in his stomach but he was “Stuffed” to the point that he was acting as if he was dying and going to explode by putting 0.25 lbs of real food in his stomach.

I’ve had this same discussions with clients repeatedly.

Actual conversation:

“I just can’t eat more than 1600 calories a day as I am stuffed and feel like I’ll be ill if I eat another bite. I mean I can eat 3,000 cals of high carb foods but just not keto food.”

Well if you can eat 3,000 cals of carby food then you can physically eat 3,000 cals of high fat food for the simple fact that since fat is more caloric than carbs there is far less volume in the fatty food. It is smaller! If you can eat the larger volume of carby food there is no physical reason you can’t eat the smaller amount of fatty food. None.

The issue is that it is not giving you the pleasure center response that the carbs give you and therefore it is not as fun for you. It has nothing to do with being physically stuffed.

We all need to get this stuffed word out of our vocabulary. It is irrational, illogical and not physically possible to be stuffed eating less volume of food than you would eat if you were eating crap. Get out of your own way and do it right.

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  1. I agree! At first I didn’t think I could eat 2000 calories or182 grams of fat. I was starved at the idea of 50 grams of protein per day! It’s all a head game! Now I welcome my TDEE! I cannot imagine going back to calorie restriction!

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