Why LDL is not a good marker to decide if you should take a dangerous drug

The thing everybody worries about is going to the doctor and having them freak out because your LDL is high. This has happened to me many times. There is a fun game that I like to play with my doctor to get her to leave me alone about my cholesterol. It is called “What will my LDL be today?”

It is a really fun game. I eat a certain way for a week or two and go in and ask for a blood test. She gives me a requisition and I go and get the test done. 3 weeks later I get the results. The LDL is high at 5.4ish. This is high for Canadians and my doctor recommends a statin at this point.

Here is my first test where I was eating keto at 90% fat intake:

She says “I am going to give you 6 months to change your diet and come back with a better result or I want you to start taking a statin.”

I say “Better yet, give me another requisition. I will change my diet for two weeks and have another test and come back and see you.”

She says “What will that do? It takes months for diet to affect your LDL.”

I say “Well actually it doesn’t. It takes 3-4 days of eating to completely change your lipid profile. Just give me the req and call me when it is in.I predict I will have an LDL of about half, HDL will be lower, and my trigs will be slightly higher. Also I will predict my potassium will be lower.” I was only getting about 1200mg potassium per day at that point and I had a theory that it was high because I was getting so little and the blood was pulling more from the cells to make up for it. If I consumed more it would lower the blood level.

She wrote my predictions in my file and reluctantly she gives me the req. 3 weeks later I get a call from the secretary to come back. I go in to see the doctor and she was dumbfounded.

This was my second test 2 weeks after changing my diet. I could have done less but I was doing this with an experiment that required 2 weeks of high carb eating.

My predictions came back exactly as I said but my LDL was actually 60% lower than it was. 🙂

Doctor: “What on earth did you do? Have someone else take the test for you.”

Me: “Nope. I just changed my diet from a fat based diet to a carb based diet. Since LDL is a fat transport device it stands to reason that if I eat fat I have more LDL and if I eat no fat I will require less of these transports. Right?”

Doctor: “This makes no sense.”

Me: “That is because everything you were taught about lipids is completely wrong. Check out this blog.”

I gave her the website to visit Dave Feldman’s Blog. Cholesterol Code

She looked at me with a look of dismay.

Doctor: “I am not sure what to do with you at this point.”

Me: “Nothing. I appreciate the test reqs though. I highly suggest you read everything on that page. It will blow your mind.”

This is a prime example of why LDL cannot be used as a marker to make a decision on taking a drug that could have serious life altering side effects. It just doesn’t make sense. Anything you can change that dramatically with 2 weeks of eating is not something that is of any concern.

Now if you have high insulin, uncontrolled diabetes or just generally a poor diet and lots of other markers then perhaps you can take it into consideration. The sad fact is that I am an extremely fit and active person in perfect health with the exception on a single marker and I was told I would have to take a statin. It just doesn’t make good sense. It doesn’t make Common Sense.

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