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Disclaimer: Any information given is for information purposes only and is not meant to replace that of a Medical Professional.

First Let me introduce myself. My name is Jack. I am the creator of CSK. After being keto for over a decade and trying the many various versions and methods I have found what I believe to be the best solution for long term weight loss that is sustainable. Let me be the first to tell you that anything I say is based on the latest research. As research is ever evolving my thoughts and practices will change. I am sure there are many things I am wrong about and if I am wrong I will be the first to tell you and change. Those who don’t change will never succeed. You become stagnant and expire. 

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If you are not new and are trying to break a stall or just find the optimal way to do keto while maintaining a healthy metabolism continue reading. 🙂

As the name suggests, we are about one of the most elusive things in the diet world. Common Sense.

Does that mean that we do keto like most people would think is common sense? Absolutely not. All of the recommendations I make here come from what I believe is an ability to take all of the research and literature and parse out what actually makes sense from a physiological standpoint as well as an evolutionary standpoint and form it into something that is very effective. I take every strategy I come up with and test it on myself and if it works I start using it to work with actual clients. I see real world results with it and if for some reason it doesn’t work I figure out why and modify the approach. I do not stick with things that don’t work. I am constantly testing, researching and changing as I find more effective ways to approach health and weight loss.

Here at CSK we believe in the idea that calorie restriction has not worked in the last 50 years and never will. We have been restricting more and moving more than we ever have yet we are more sick and more fat. Fitness and diet are a $3.7 TRILLION Dollar a year industry yet nearly 1/3 of the worlds population is obese or overweight compared to 13% in 1970. Guess how much the fitness industry was making in 1970? Not enough to even be able to find any info on. We believe that health comes from giving the body what it needs to thrive. What the body needs is adequate energy and real food along with the appropriate vitamins and minerals to manage that energy. What we call eating adequate energy is eating to your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure).

Below is an article on why Calorie In Versus Calorie Out (CICO) has never worked and never will. It gets into the hormones that control fat storage and fat use actually work:

Why CICO doesn’t work

We believe that the majority of that energy should come from Healthy Fats. That means fats that come from nature without processing. If you can squeeze something and oil comes out then it is healthy fat. Veggie oils do not meet that criteria.

We believe that hormones dictate weight loss but that calories still matter. We don’t “burn” food. We break it down chemically and metabolize it into energy of various forms. We can actually waste energy if we take in more than we need We are not a closed loop machine. We are a complex organism. That being said, calories are a decent proxy for energy. The issue is that we can change how we process calories so losing weight does not mean we have to starve. We can reverse diet or cycle from low to high. 

Read more about how we can waste energy through ketones here:

Ben Bikman on wasting energy through hormones

We also believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you have an opinion contrary to the methodologies of the group and have some solid evidence to back it up, post it up for discussion. If the discussion is productive and civil, it will stay. If it degenerates it will go. If you choose to believe or follow something contrary to our methods please feel free to do what you feel is best. Just don’t recommend it to our members. Keep it to your self. I am sure there is another group out there that will be happy to host your beliefs. If the evidence is solid and shows something different to our thoughts then our thoughts will change. 

One thing that will not be tolerated is the comment “Show me one peer reviewed study”. Unless you are prepared to cite studies that show your idea to be true. If I hear this, without any evidence IN THE FORM OF STUDIES AND NOT ARTICLES BY SOMEONE ELSE, you will be removed from the group. I have yet to have one productive converstation with anyone who has ever said these words. There are hundreds of studies showing the efficacy of everything. Even how carbs are vital. Anything I speak of I have researched and found numerous studies for. If you want to see the studies go google them for yourself like everyone else does. Then there is the problem of how peer review can be biased. More often than not, the writer of the paper gets to recommend the reviewers. Do you think the writer will recommend reviewers who agree or disagree with their hypothesis. Even if they didn’t get to choose them what are the odds that the people that review it would not have the same biased opinion about nutrition. Here is an article about peer review and how biased it actually is from the perspective of an actual PHD researcher who has published many papers using peer review.

Peer Review is not really a gold standard

If you have no interest in broadening your perspective and losing your dogma, kindly move along. There are many other groups out there for you. No need to be here. We will gladly let you speak so long as it is in good will and not demeaning to anyone. We expect the same from you in return.

DO NOT ASK OTHER MEMBERS TO PM YOU or PM OTHER MEMBERS!! It is not ok to solicit in this group. If you are not soliciting anything then whatever you have to say can be said in the open. That is what a discussion group is for. What you have to say may help others so don’t hide it.

If you are looking to “Coach” others privately than start your own group to do so. Any members posting anything to the effect of “PM me” will be removed.

Exogenous ketones are not something that will be discussed here. Exogenous ketones are not beneficial to Keto. Unless you have a neurological disorder requiring a constant high level of ketones and you cannot, for some reason, maintain a ketogenic diet then they are a waste and not part of a proper ketogenic diet. If you want to waste your money on them fine but any mention of them and you will be banned from this group.

Sweeteners of any type are not part of our strategy here. If you want to use them fine but they will slow your success. We don’t use them and I’ve posted many articles about why. There is one in this post down below. Do not discuss them or ask why we don’t discuss them. Any post relating to sweeteners will be deleted. Despite the “fact” that you lost weight using them does not make them good. People have lost weight eating the potato diet and the twinkie diet. Still not good and not something that should ever be done. If you had cut sweeteners your journey may have been easier. Maybe not. You’ll never know. If you want to use them fine. We don’t need to hear how great they are. 

Sweeteners are not for weight loss

So how do you start CSK?

Start with getting your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). This is the amount of energy you need for the day:

What is TDEE?

Next you start eating the most important meal of the day:

Breakfast is and always was the most important meal of the day!

Bad stuff happens when you skip breakfast

Don’t fast. Eat 3 meals a day!

Fasting was a necessary evil not a weight loss technique

Fasting is misunderstood and misused

Fasting and Metabolic Damage

Fung says fasting doesn’t slow metabolism, except it does.

Doc shows fasting tanks thyroid and testosterone

Exercise induces autophagy in humans fasting has never shown this

Here are some additional links and articles that can help yo on your journey. Do some reading and ask plenty of questions. That is how we learn.

15% off Keto test kits

What is Keto

Good and Bad of the veggie world:

Why am I stalled, my hair falling out and my finger nails cracking?

Why not being hungry is not a magic benefit of Keto to help you Cut calories!

More on why your lack of hunger is not a good thing

Why Fat as a lever is wrong and why BPC doesn’t cause stalls:

Why and how are ketones so high:

Why don’t you need MOAR BROTEIN!!!

Medically supervised 382 day fast shows us why our need for BROTEIN is bullshit. (I elaborate on this in the “Why don’t I need MOAR BROTEIN!!!!” post above.)

Great blog on why LDL is not increased by saturated fat and why we can’t trust science to tell us the truth about nutrition.

There you have it!!

Keto On,

Coach Jack

8 Replies to “What is Common Sense Keto”

  1. Thank you Coach Jack. I am interested in following you a little better. I need extra information due to my age , 68, thyroid issues, currently taking 88 MCG ‘s , however , doing KETO since last November and losing 45 lbs has changed me. You are an inspiration!!

  2. Thank you Jack for all the information. I was wondering if you could narrow it all down by just telling me and other readers what would be the best supplement to take when you are eating the keto Lifestyle to keep up your energy level.
    I have found my energy is down and my mind has not been as keen as it has been.
    Is there something that I can take to boost these levels?
    What am I missing?

    1. The best supplement you can take is eating enough to maintain your metabolism. Besides that if I had to choose one supplement it would be Desiccated Liver.

  3. Can you clarify something for me? When calculating TDEE, it appears that I use my current weight and not my ideal weight based on the calculations that I have seen. For a while now, I have been using my ideal weight, so I’ve been calorie restricted and wasn’t losing.
    As I lose weight, do I recalculate my TDEE or am I always eating to TDEE of the original weight I had at the start of my weight loss journey? If I recalculate TDEE according to weight loss, is it more effective to do per a specific number of lbs lost or some time interval so as not to cause some kind of yo-yo effect?


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