Someone is Feeling threatened by Keto Me thinks!! (The Pro-Carb “Experts” are at it again)

“A group of leading international and Australian experts say the evidence on the health benefits of eating whole grains is “unequivocal” and those who avoid them are increasing their risk of disease.”

Oh I think the science is pretty damn equivocal!

“Australians risk increasing their chances of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease and colon cancer if they cut quality carbohydrates high in cereal fibre from their diets, experts say.”

Who are these experts you ask?

“the International Carbohydrate Quality Consortium (ICQC) – a group of about 30 nutrition academics, epidemiologists and scientists”

International Carbohydrate Quality Consortium? You think they may have some conflict of interest? How is this different from listening to The Sugar industry saying “Oh yeah sugar is totally safe and harmless.”

These people should be charged with manslaughter or gross negligence at the very least.

Not eating carbs increases risk of Diabetes – “Experts” warn