Protein Requirements (They aren’t what the Bro’s are telling you)

I hear this so often. It hurts my ears.

“It is very hard to over eat protein and most people actually under eat it.”

It is actually very easy to over eat protein and almost everyone over eats it. I’ve yet to see any client I’ve worked with actual under eat protein. This is non-existent. Unless you are a Vegan you aren’t under eating protein.

Our protein requirement, according to the US government who I know is not all that reliable but.., is 0.8g per KG of ideal body weight. The World Health Organization has since stated that this is grossly over exaggerated. The WHO sets our actual protein needs at 0.45g per KG of ideal body mass. For a 6 foot tall man the ideal weight is 180lbs or 82KG. This would equate to a daily protein requirement of 36.5 g of protein. This is all from my educational support textbooks from my registered Nutritionist certification I am taking. It is also supported by my Certification in Sports nutrition. Nobody, at least nobody that is not in a terrible situation that simply can’t afford to eat enough food in general god forbid, is eating less than 36g of protein a day.

This WHO recommendation also plays right along with the way the body processes and recycles amino acids. We need only select amino acids daily to replensih what we turn over normally. The average person turns over about 20g of protein a day so to maintain lean mass you need roughly that. Any additional you intake will go to amino acid stores, which are small, or go to new tissue growth, building lean mass, or be used as fuel. The last option is the one you dont want as this means you burn less fat.

Yes you need protein, yes you can easily over eat protein, no it is not likely you are under eating it.

Keto on!

Coach Jack