Plants are not Necessary for adequate Vitamin intake

Now before I get to deep into this, I am not saying that plants can’t be a healthy part of a ketogenic diet. They absolutely can for those that can handle them. I am not going to get into who should or shouldn’t eat plants. I just want to demonstrate that you do not NEED plants to get all vitamins.

Here is a chart of Vitamins, their functions and daily recommendations for intake. Keep in mind that these are RDA values and are set according to a standard american diet. The standard american diet is inflammatory and inflammation decreases vitamin absorption so all these values are most likely greatly exaggerated for someone on an anti-inflammatory Ketogenic Diet.

You will notice the serving sizes of all of the plant products are relatively large compared to that of the animal products. I did this on purpose. It clearly goes agains the idea that plants are NUTRIENT DENSE. 🙂


Re: Choices of veggies. Grains are a plant food and so is sweet potato. I picked the worlds favorite plant food, the heart healthy whole grain, two very popular keto veggies and one paleo one that is supposed to be the super food of the carb world.

I also used really on 3 relevant animal foods. The last two don’t really contribute anything but it was more to show that these fats are not devoid of nutrients as so many would claim.