Coach Jack Reviews “10 (Mistakes) Killing your ketogenic Diet Plan”

You can read the original article here. You might have a better idea what I am talking about:

10 (Mistakes) Killing your Ketogenic Diet Plan

I got this posted in the Common Sense Keto Group. I like to read these things and see if the writer is legit or if they are just another hack.

I read the first point and went straight for hack but by the end they had a couple points. Most of what they said was slightly riddled with misunderstandings of human physiology and the mechanisms behind keto but overall it wasn’t the worst thing I have read.

Here is my review:

10. Heavy workouts are bad:

Wrong. Please show me some science showing that this is how this works. You can’t cause there is none. The glycolytic work can be fueled by ketones, yes some amino acids but these can and will be pulled from amino acid pools and also the glycerol backbone from fat can be used to fuel the process. Even if some lean mass was taken to fuel the workout so long as you eat a bit of protein after the workout that lean mass will be put back and with the heavy workout and increased growth hormones from keto, you will put on more wonderful lean mass. Not to mention that ketones directly down regulate gluconeogenesis which is part of the reason a ketogenic diet is muscle sparing. Heavy workouts are absolutely fine on keto.

9. Eating out is a bad idea.

Fair enough. This is kinda true but there are some safe bets. Steak and eggs. Easy peasy. You can still eat out with friends and even if there are some hidden ingedients it won’t end your life so long as this isn’t a common occurrence. You can’t really be a hermit.

8. Don’t eat processed foods.

I can’t argue with that. Complete agreement. Eat real food.

7. Too Much protein is bad.

The point is accurate but the idea of it turning to glucose is wrong. Protein doesn’t just turn to cake when you eat to much. It is first used to repair lean tissue, some goes to the amino acid pools for storage (very small amount) and the rest does have to get dealt with so it gets used for energy directly. This is not very efficient and a lot of energy gets wasted in the process but if you’re using protein for fuel you are not using fat so any fat you eat with the protein is going to your love handles. The only time protein gets turned to glucose is when the body needs it. Gluconegenesis is demand driven so it is not automatically turned to sugar. How much protein do you need? According to the WHO it is 0.45g per KG of ideal bodyweight. The US government states 0.8g per KG of ideal weight. I am 205 and train 2 hours a day every day. I eat 60-90g a day. Typical woman needs no more than 40-60g.

6. Lacking magnesium and potassium.

True. Also sodium. Other than that, can’t argue.

5. Carb ups are stupid.

I completely agree. The whole idea of a carb up is crazy and the “science” behind them is based on a complete lack of understanding of the metabolic process behind it. Can they help with a stall or accelerated weight loss? Anecdotally yes but it isn’t because of the carbs. It is because the carbs stimulate appetite that is typically blunted in a low carb/ketogenic diet which prompts a large increase in caloric intake which resets leptin signalling which can spark an increase in metabolism. Same thing can be accomplished simply by eating a huge ketogenic high fat meal. Eat 500, 1000 cals more than you normally eat on a day but make it ketogenic. Same effect as a stupid carb up but without the addiction issues, carb hangover and without being kicked out of ketosis for multiple days.

4. Heavy Cardio is “eating your muscle”.

This nonsense again. Cortisol spike do not “eat your muscle”. I explained this stupid idea in point number 10. I have been low carb for 13 years and have been doing crossfit at a very high intensity for 7 of them. I have added 50lbs of awesome lean mass in that time. I have yet to have my muscle “eaten” by cortisol. Also, HIIT, if you’ve ever done it is pretty much the most intense cardio workout of your life. If something is spiking cortisol that is gonna do it. Yes you will get kicked out of ketosis but you will be right back in within an hour or so and the benefits you get out of the workout will outweigh the short window you are out of ketosis. Just give back the protein you took away. Not a big re-feed. 20g of protein will do the trick.

3. No exercise means you can’t adapt?

Well tell my 300 lb self that. I lost 125lbs in 9 months doing zero exercise. Guess how much weight I lost exercising? Negative 50lbs. You don’t exercise to lose weight, you exercise to increase lean mass and decrease fat mass. You can absolutely adapt and you can absolutely lose massive amounts of fat not doing exercise. Exercise is very beneficial but it also brings an added set of complications with it. You need to change your eating strategy to deal with what exercise you are doing. This is like telling people that are either too large to exercise or have an injury just to forget about ever losing weight and being healthy. Typical fitness industry bullshit.

2. Not enough Sleep.

No arguments from me on this. Sleep is critical.

1. Not enough fats? Absolutely in 100% agreement. Number one mistake that 90% of other ketogenic “experts” make is spouting the “fat is a lever” idiocy. Fat is not a lever, it is the key and you will not just pull the fat you don’t eat from your body fat. That is not a ketogenic diet. That is a low fat diet. That is jenny Craig or weight watchers.

Overall The author had a few good points but like most “ketogenic experts” they are missing some vital understanding of human physiology. Another case of Knowing just enough to be dangerous.

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