A simple example of why Calories don’t matter and Insulin is the reason we get fat

There is one amazing and definitive example of why calories don’t matter and why insulin is the main factor in weight.

Type 1 diabetes.

Before the discovery of insulin a type 1 Diabetic could eat and eat and eat and still waste away to nothing. There are actually many stories of Type 1 diabetics today that intentionally restrict their insulin to lose weight. This is extremely dangerous and is not advisable. This dangerous and potentially life threatening practice is called Diabulimia. Always for with your doctor to make sure your medications are properly dosed.

The Truth about Diabulimia

The truth of the matter is that insulin is what controls fat storage. If you have low, or in the case of a type 1 no, insulin you will not and cannot store fat. Glucagon, the counter hormone to insulin will be constantly pushing energy out of cells regardless of need. It is literally impossible to store fat without insulin.

To show the importance of glucagon I have attached a video explaining an experiment done on mice that have been genetically modified to be type 1 diabetic. Without giving them insulin they excrete energy through urine at an accelerated rate and become very ill, but simply by giving them a glucagon suppressing drug, they are able to survive rather well with almost no adverse effects. How interesting is that.

Effect of glucagon on Type 1 Mice

I can’t possibly think of how to make it more straight forward. Why would a type 1 diabetic waste away to nothing without insulin regardless of how much they ate if calories mattered and insulin was not the factor. Can you?

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