The Cookie Diet???

So those that know me well know that I like to prove a point. 🙂

I’ve been going back and forth with people on a diet Facebook group about the idea that you must eat a certain way to lose weight. 

Again, those that know me understand that I think the optimal diet is a low carb/ketogenic diet that is very heavy in meat and animal fat. 

This group happens to be a carnivore group that believes that eating ONLY animal foods is optimal. 

I tend to lean to the side that mostly animal foods is optimal but some plant foods are fine. 

So there was a couple people saying that sugar is toxic and addictive and you can’t possibly lose weight eating carbs. They believe that insulin must be avoided to lose weight and since carbs spike insulin you can’t eat them and lose weight. 

Wrong. Insulin reduction can help weight loss but how much you eat is the ultimate determinant of what your weight does. 

So what did I do just to prove a point? The cookie diet. 

Disclaimer: This is not healthy.  Do not do this. I used specific supplementation to ensure I was getting all essential nutrients and it was for a very short period of time.

I ate my normal breakfast of bacon and eggs, because another argument said you can’t eat fat and carbs in the same day due to a physiological process called the Randal cycle, then the rest of the day I ate nothing but cookies and a protein shake at each meal. 

I kept my calories down to a number I know results in weight loss. 

What happened? 

I lost weight of course. 11lbs in 13 days. Magic? No. Just ate less than I normally do. 

While a good diet can have many benefits it is important not to become a zealot to any diet to the point where you become closed off to reality. 

Food quality matters. Hormones matter. The amount you eat matters. You cannot separate any of these factors. They all are required to have good health. 

If you need help getting to a healthy weight I can help. No matter what your preferred diet and no, I won’t put you on a cookie diet. 

Jack McAnespy – Registered Holistic Nutritionist